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Welcome to XIV MutaGen-Brasil Congress!

The activities promoted by MutaGen-Brazil (formerly SBMCTA), are focused on improving scientific and technological capacities, through the organization of congresses and activities, among which are courses and refresher courses and training and training programs, and human resources.

MutaGen-Brazil aims to bring together researchers and academics linked to the study of Genetic Toxicology, Antimutagenesis and Anticarcinogenesis, Nutrigenomics, Environmental Monitoring and Ecotoxicity, DNA Repair, Consequences of Genetic Damage (Diseases and Aging), Carcinogenesis and Teratogenesis, as well as Epigenetics and "Omic" Sciences, aiming at developing, integrating, disseminating and promoting research, education and the responsible application of excellence and scientific knowledge, as a way to boost the sustainable human and socioeconomic development of the Country and the world. In addition, this Association directs special attention to the scientific updating of professionals; for the formation of new researchers in the Area; and to assist in public policies aimed at assessing human and environmental health risk, seeking prevention.

The MutaGen - Brazil congress is held every two years, and since the founding of SBMCTA in 1989, 13 events have been held. With an important role in the dissemination of knowledge and training of Brazilian professionals, the events organized by MutaGen - Brazil have strongly stimulated the participation of undergraduate and graduate students and recent doctors. In general, the participants come from public and private universities, research institutes, companies and bodies related to the environment. The Association was responsible for organizing the 11th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens, a four-year event of the IAEMS - International Association of Environmental and Mutagen Societies (now IAEMGS: International Association of Environmental and Genomic Mutagen Societies), which was held with great success at the Hotel Bourbon, in Foz do Iguaçu - PR.

In the year 2019 MutaGen-Brasil will complete its 30 years of existence. This commemorative Congress seeks to rescue the history of research in mutagenesis in Brazil, at the same time emphasizing the direction it has taken in the last decades and promoting discussions about future paths. Among the various approaches to be contemplated in the program of the event we can cite the following:

  • Responses to induced DNA damage
  • Mechanisms of DNA repair
  • Ecogenotoxicology and assays in model organisms
  • Mechanisms of regulation of gene expression
  • Environmental Genotoxicology
  • Genomic chemoprotective agents
  • Genetic and environmental factors associated with aging and diseases
  • Translational oncology and therapeutic strategies
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Teratogenesis

The challenge in these 30 years has been to provide in our events broad discussions on these topics, ranging from mechanisms to public regulatory policies to protect human and environmental health. The involvement of researchers from public and private educational institutions, development agencies and regulators, in addition to those belonging to industry and services, allowed the development of the area in these decades.

The event will bring together national and international experts to discuss issues ranging from the formation of lesions in genetic material to the different ways the cell (from bacteria to metazoan organisms) recovers the function of that molecule. The symposia were organized in order to contemplate the relevant themes developed by Brazilian and foreign researchers. The conferences involving science, technology and innovation will be carried out mainly by foreign researchers who are among the most prominent in the area, and the symposiums should be attended by foreigners and Brazilians who have acted in the theme of cellular responses to genome lesions. In addition, MutaGen - 2019 will provide an important stage of interaction between researchers and professionals of national regulatory agencies, thus contributing to the design of public health policies and environmental preservation.

Organizing Committee

Juliana da Silva (ULBRA)
Vanessa Moraes de Andrade (UNESC)
Mário Sérgio Mantovani (UEL )
Silvia Regina Batistuzzo de Medeiros (UFRN)
Deborah Arnsdorff Roubicek (CETESB)
Rommel Mario Rodríguez Burbano (UFPA)

Scientif Board

Carlos F. M. Menck (USP - São Paulo, SP)
Carlos Renato Machado (UFMG - Belo Horizonte, MG)
Catarina Takahashi (USP - São Paulo, SP)
Cesar Koppe Grisolia (UnB - Brasília, DF)
Daisy Favero Salvadori (FAPESP - São Paulo, SP)
Denise Crispim Tavares (UNIFRAN - Franca, SP)
Edson Luis Maistro (FAPESP - São Paulo, SP)
Elza Sakamoto Hojo (USP - São Paulo, SP)
Gisela de Aragão Umbuzeiro (UNICAMP - Campinas, SP)
Fernando Barbosa Jr. (USP - São Paulo, SP)
Ilce Mara de Syllos Cólus (UEL - Londrina, PR)
Israel Felzenszwalb (UERJ - Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Jaqueline Picada (ULBRA - Canoas, RS)
Jenifer Saffi (UFCSPA - Porto Alegre, RS)
João A. P. Henriques (UFRGS - Porto Alegre, RS)
Lavinia Schuler Faccini (UFRGS - Porto Alegre, RS)
Lucia Regina Ribeiro (UNESP - Botucatu, SP)
Lucymara Fassarella Agnez Lima (UFRN - Natal, RN)
Lusânia Maria Greggi Antunes (USP - São Paulo, SP)
Mário Sérgio Mantovani (UEL - Londrina, PR)
Mário Antônio Spanó (UFU - Uberlândia, MG)
Nadja C. Souza Pinto (USP - São Paulo, SP)
Rafael Dihl (ULBRA - Canoas, RS)
Raquel Alves dos Santos (UNIFRAN - Franca, SP)
Rodrigo Juliano Oliveira (UFMS - Campo Grande, MS)
Sam Kacew (Otawa, Canada)
Siegfried Knasmuller (Vienna, Austria)
Vera Maria Ferrão Vargas (UFRGS - Porto Alegre, RS)
Veronica Elisa Pimenta Vicentini (UEM - Maringá, PR)
Wilner Martinez López (Montevideo, Uruguay)

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