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Caroline  Bull

Dr Bull is a Research Scientist at CSIRO in South Australia, formerly of Prof Michael Fenech’s Genome Health and Personalised Nutrition laboratory, where she headed up the Psychological Stress and Telomere Integrity project. Her PhD research demonstrated that folate insufficiency causes not only DNA damage, but also reduced telomere integrity, and loss of telomere length control through epigenetic changes, work for which she was awarded the University of Adelaide 2010 Doctoral Research Medal.

Caroline extended this work in her PostDoc to examine the interactive impact of psychological stress and nutrition on telomeres and genome stability, to help determine the biochemical links between chronic stress and disease initiation.

Caroline’s passionate research focus is one of disease prevention and health promotion through understanding the molecular mechanisms of psychological stress, nutritional and lifestyle factors on the epigenome, DNA damage, telomeres and chromosome stability.
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