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Alex Cayley

Job Title: Senior Scientist

After obtaining an MSci degree in Chemistry from Imperial College London I moved across the city to complete a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at University College London (focussing on the degradation of isohumulone compounds and attempting to make beer even better!). I then moved to the north of England to carry out post-doctoral research at the University of York and from here joined Lhasa in 2007.

Much of my early work at Lhasa involved making improvements to our Derek knowledge base for the prediction of genotoxicity endpoints. This research primarily involved the analysis of in vitro endpoints such as Ames mutagenicity and chromosome damage, and as a result I have a good knowledge of these endpoints and their associated tests. I have also gained significant experience of the in vivo genotoxicity assays in more recent years (micronucleus test, chromosome aberration tests, transgenic rodent assays) and have a continued interest in mechanisms leading to and methods of detecting genototoxicity.

I now act as a scientific advisor in the development of Lhasa’s statistically-based Ames mutagenicity prediction system, Sarah Nexus. My experience with genotoxicity endpoints helps significantly in this role and I find witnessing and helping to guide the development of this relatively new tool a very rewarding process.

Outside of work I am a keen home brewer and gardener. Sometimes I even combine the two hobbies and grow the ingredients needed to brew my beer.
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